Facebook log in


im having trouble logging into my facebook account through the services tab…my password has 8 syllables and once i have entered my password and click ok it is rejected because suddenly there are probably 20 digits in the password box and i only entered 8…any ideas

The number of "."s in the password field doesn’t equate to the number of characters you typed.   

It’s done that way so that people looking at your login cannot tell how many letters it is.

ok i understand but are still unable to log in and i am absolutely putting in the correct details

You are not alone. I’ve been going round and round with the same problem. Done everthing suggested in all the other posts on the subject, no luck.

I hope someone comes up with a solution.

I finally figured out how to log on to Facebook.  When I was entering my user name and password, I was getting the same message everyone else reports here.  I also noticed that my cell phone was getting these text messages from WD.  I had no idea why!  Well, today I struck gold.  The text from WD told me to use a 6-digit number as my password.  It worked!  I got into my Facebook account with the password WD texted to my cell.