Facebook - Cant login

It’s really no big deal, the live hub does what i need but sometimes I get bored and would like to login to FB without getting my [Deleted] off the sofa and see whats going on…  I also noticed you  can post screenshots while watching video which I thought would be fun… but I simply cannot login…  my username and password are correct… I sit down with my laptop and login and then the hub and its says me credentials are wrong… doesnt say which one.

I did a search but didnt seem to find anyone with the problem…  Any ideas?

Look through the older post

Thanks… my apps are all shut off and dont want to change that… any idea which one needs to be on?

Nevermind… it did work… thank you… but I cant disable all apps besides “WD TV” so I’ll see how it goes…  I remember I shut them all off for a reason…