Facebook and instagram option missing from import

Bought a 5tb WD passport ultra and amazon and installed fall the required drivers on windows 10 but to my surprise IAM not seeing option to import from social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Only 3 options are coming like Dropbox, google etc.

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Can anyone help?

To back up social media was exactly why I bought this drive.
So frustrating.

Such a situation is why I make sure to back it up fast. Another variant is downloading the content you had there saved or liked to import it later without any issues. It is so frustrating, but still, it has bonuses. For example, after downloading videos from Instagram or Youtube instagram reels download, you can watch them offline afterward. It is very useful on a plane or camping, and any other place without Wifi. I use this feature quite frequently, and I am happy I have big storage on my Samsung tablet for this. I download only the useful content that helps me improve.

Backing up your data is really important for several reasons. It regularly ensures that you have a copy of your important files and documents in case your device crashes, gets lost, or is stolen. Cyber threats such as malware, viruses, and ransomware can cause serious damage to your data. Backing up your data can protect you from these types of attacks by allowing you to restore your data from a previous point in time. Fortunately, I have not encountered such problems on social media. I use TikTok most of the time, where I post reviews of clothes and cosmetics. To get more likes and popularity, I Buy tiktok auto likes.