EZRX 3Tb drive found in BIOS, not Windows

I just installed a new 3Tb EZRX drive, and it shows up in BIOS, but is not found in Windows drive pool.  When I first put it in, Win7 did install a driver for it, and it’s visible in the Device Manager, but it’s completely invisible as an available drive (no drive to even click on to format).  Do I have a dead drive?

I also have a Hitachi Deskstar 3Tb drive that works just fine and appeared without any special trickery, so I assume this is not an Advance Format issue.  Is some sort of utility needed to enable the drive?  The Download page of wdc.com doesn’t list anything that would appear to do anything.  I’ve tried swapping the SATA port (both SATA2 and SATA3 intel/micron controllers), known working SATA and power cables, all to no avail.

HALP!  System is as follows:

Win7 64 bit Home Premium


Asus z77-V

Crucial M4 64mb boot drive

HI, download the DLG tool to see if it can recognize it to run a test.