Extremly slow after just a half year

so i read that many people her have problems with drive not showing up and if it shows up extremly slow. So i do have an problem with something other than that so i bought this drive october last year and i installed all my games on it etc the games where loading with the speed of lightning and now the games load and load and load it takes about 1/2 min to load what was lightning fast before but it has nothing to do with transferrate because if i transfer a file of about 8GB to my 2tb elements portable it transfers with 109Mb/s wich is totally fine because it is fast enough but if i load a Game that is a bit smaller than 8GB it takes ages and as i said before it was milliseconds

Edit: i already slow Formatted the drive 2 times since it got lame and before formatting i run tests from wd and other companys and i deleted all but 1 game and still lame