ExtremeMix_Mega_Hub_Theme_Pack_3.5 (Moviesheet)

Hi Guys…

I had to setup a Live Hub for a friend the other day, so i decided to update his box to the latest firmware 2.07.17

This showed me a few nasty side effects, so i had to adapt my ExtremeMix Themes a little.

Note this update was done in roughly 1hr and i dont have access to my own personal Hub at the moment…(It is still in a different country). So there may be a few bugs in it still.

Basically this Theme has the Games icon, and will now work with local moviesheets.

Use the latest Thumbgen version



According to the screenshot In the above link choose store links to moviesheets… or you can also edit your older xml files to point at the moviesheet.

The theme will do the rest, basically it overrides the old moviesheet trick and will use the local moviesheet from the backdrop, however it will now cover the screen as before instead of been in the background.

Hope you like it guys…

Included are the following Themes

ExtremeMix Coverflow 3.5

ExtremeMix Sheet 3.5

ExtremeMix STD 3.5

ExtremeMix Trickle 3.5

ExtremeMix Wall 3.5

Before anyone asks, the moviesheet takes about 3 to 5 seconds to kick in, however since you have the information from the xml showing first before the moviesheet kicks in, i think it works quite well…  Btw I arrange my movies in their own folders, but this should work with all movies in the same folder as well.

Here’s the download link


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Which thumbgen template should I use with these themes?

 Hello CoolDude…

My theme will work with any thumbgen template, that  how i design my themes… :smiley:

Please get back with any feedback you have

Great job again,

the trickle and the coverflow are just really awesome, it’s the Mc Rib of themes… loving it  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks DeVicious…

Btw how do you find the way moviesheets work in this theme ???

You should find that if you have your movies in their own folders, the info from xml will show up first for about 3 seconds before the moviesheet kicks in… This then should override the background info…with just the icons at the bottom showing ???

Btw Trickle and Coverflow are my favourite as well… But i tend to use the Trickle more…

I like it, I had that before when I was using real time fonts instead of graphical sheets, was espcially helpful to pick up on a season when I couldn’t remember where I am in the season.

ultimately we all should fin a work around for the photogallery which I assume is what makes it that slow.

The theme background loads in a few miliseconds, I am assuming there is away to turn of the photo gallery completely.

I don’t mind beta testing, but this one may be a bit buggy. I’ve been waiting for you to return. Full sheet, movie sheets are what I’ve been using. My tv only goes up to 1080i. This makes all fonts look blurry and half screen sheets are just unreadable. I spent some time testing 3.5 Coverflow and found these problems.

  1. Testing games, when exiting, using the EXIT button the player exits to a black screen and eventually a hard reset.
  2. Testing videos, using Gallery, the sheet would show momentarily and then be completely overwritten(full page), by the HUB’s slideshow of fan-art.  

You need to get your HUB back. Also I hate to say it, but your collaboration with TW really was great for the music side of the player.

Hi zamzickles, yeah i am back !!

Thanks for the feedback, certainly i will be getting my Hub back asap i have really missed it LOL.

which version of the firmware are you using ?? when i adapted the theme i had 2.07.17 loaded.

Not sure as to why exiting Games crashes the player ?

Re the full screen overwrite by the slideshow, thats how i designed the theme… BUT it will require a little work from you to get it working properly.

Basically you need to either manually edit your existing xml files to point at your moviesheets, or better still download the latest thumgen and recreate the xml files.

In fact i would suggest you create an xml file and moviesheet for a movie you have NOT processed before first to see how the theme works.

In the screenshot in my first post choose get link to moviesheet… what this does is use your moviesheet as the local backdrop, so instead of a slideshow you will get your moviesheet showing full screen.

In fact what it sounds like is either you have both the link to your moviesheet and local backdrops, or the theme is showing your moviesheets via the original method then kicking in with backdrops.

Your folder structure should be as follows:-


folder.jpg   --------------------> folder thumbnail eg custom coverbox

Avatar.jpg   ---------------------> Same as your folder.jpg eg custom coverbox (in old method some used this as the moviesheet but this has side effects in my theme just copy or create a duplicate of your folder.jpg )

Avatar.xml   ---------------------> movie info created with newest thumbgen this has a link pointing backdrop to your moviesheet

Avatar.mkv_sheet.jpg   -----------> your moviesheet

The above method retains TOTAL compatibilty with the wd live method of moviesheets.

I hope that helps

Hey zam,

Just to let you know, the Game crash is due to the firmware and it’s not really a theme issue.

I think that it’s already be reported about in the Firmware forum.

TW, thanks for the info !!

Btw, amazing work you been doing lately, cant wait to try out your upcoming themes, they look awesome