Extremely slow tranfer rate - same as WDTV Livwe Hub

I have a new WD MY Cloud 3tb drive connected to my gigabyte router via ethernet cable.  My desktop computer with gigabit network adapter is connected to my gigabit router via ethernet.  Everything is gigabit!  

I am transferring my music to the new WD MY Cloud and the transfer rate is 10 mbps - as slow as my WD Live TV hub! The light on the back of the Cloud drive is green so it is connected to a gigabit network.  Tech support had me download the latest firmware (which was already installed) so I could install it manually but no improvement.

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How can this be so slow?    Is this normal?  Need help please.

How are you transfering your files?  Are you useing the desktop app?

WSZsr wrote:


I am transferring my music to the new WD MY Cloud and the transfer rate is 10 gbps - as slow as my WD Live TV hub! 

Heheh.   10 gbps?  Wow.   My datacenter-class NASes barely get that fast.  :laughing:

I assume you mean 10 MBps?   (10 megaBYTES per second), not 10 gbps or even 10mbps?

If so, keep in mind that transferring lots of smallish files will always take substantially longer than transfering large files due to the large amount of “overhead” involved.

Short of that, you can try this guide to pin down other possible issues:


Just using Win 8.1 file copy utility

Sorry.  The rate is 10 mbsp  Most files are 5 to 10 mbs

If you’re going to abbreviate, you need to be careful to do it correctly.

mbps is megaBITS per second.

MBps is megaBYTES per second, which is 8 times faster than mbps.

File copy speeds in Windows are always reported in megaBYTES per second.