Extremely slow speeds on WD blue

Looking for some advice on a WD blue 4tb HDD that I have.
It’s getting read/write speeds below 1mb/sec
Everything on the drive is slow, there’s nothing else using the drive, (as soon as I stop using it disk activity in task man drops to 0 for the disk.)

I downloaded the WD Lifeguard diagnostics to run tests on the drive.
It’s been running over 6 hours now though the estimate for how long it should take is 2 mins.
The drive is about 6 months old and hasn’t had heavy use.
Any advice on troubleshooting this?

I’m planning on swapping out the cables but I was hoping to get something off the diag that would justify me taking the drive back.


What results did you get with the test?

If it failed the test or is experiencing sectors issue, I’ll recommend you to create a case with WD support for further assistance.

hard disks can be slow when there are lots of smaller files, they are fastest with fewer large files

i use 7-zip which can manage to speed things up a bit when making backups

No results with the test, I assume it’s not going to complete and will cancel and try to run another.
The timer seems to have reset to zero and continued counting since it’s been running for over 24 hours.

It’s possible that it’s just the smaller files making me think something is wrong but these same files were previously on a green and that was significantly faster.
I did test transfer speeds with some larger files though and that seemed to have fine speeds.
I was advised to remove the screenshot containing the drive serials so here is another without before I restart the test.

Do you by any chance have an ATI graphics card? See my recent experience - 2TB WD Black second HDD slows to a crawl in Windows 10

Hi did you mange to solve the problem? I have the same issue on my 4TB WD Blue.

replace the hard drive…