Extremely slow file transfer to My Cloud Home (MacOs)


I connected My Cloud Home to my laptop with WD Discovery.
But I failed to copy my music collection from my macbook to the the connected volume because the connection is extremely slow and also interrupts. Same issue with wifi and LAN.

When I start copying files the transfer just hangs, freezes, nothing happends, the finder copying window shows something like “preparing for the copying”, but with no progress. Sometimes after a very long time copying starts with a very low speed, but usually I just interrupt it myself because the delay is outstanding.

I tried to copy files from the laptop of my wife and, surprisingly, the transfer is much better and has a reasonable speed of ~3 MB/s. So, shared my drive to my wife and was able to copy files from my disk in my macbook to My Cloud Home through the laptop of my wife.

The main difference between laptops is that my wife’s laptop is the latest Macbook Air M1 with most fresh OS, while my laptop is old Macbook Pro (2015 i guess) with Big Sur 11.6.1. However, my laptop is fast and has no other issues except transfers to My Cloud Home. So, the problem looks like a purely software problem, at least it is not due to connection, hw drive, etc. Both laptops connected to the same router with the same settings.

Any ideas what is going on how it could be fixed?

P.S. My Cloud Home is disconnecting from time to time with both laptops, but I am going to create another topic for that.


Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: