Extremely slow file / folder navigation


We have a MyCloud EX2 connected directly (not over wifi) to a mac running el capitan. I mount the drive via smb (afp won’t connect) and all seems well. However, once I try to navigate into subfolders, things slow down, especially if it contains photos. I’ll try to open a folder and it will take 45 seconds to a minute to open and show the files, again, especially photos or media files.

This almost makes the drive completely unusable. Any suggestions? I running the most recent firmware as well. Thanks!

If your are using UNC naming (the hostname of the My Cloud) for mounting the device, your trapped in unsuccessfull DNS resolution requests. Mount the My Cloud by using its IP-Adress, even APIPA-IP 169.254.xxx.yyy is fine for this purpose.

Hi Joerg,

Thanks for your time!

I think I have done this accidentally :slight_smile: but what’s the procedure for doing this? Via finder, I went to Connect to Server -> smb://IP-address-of-drive -> Connect

Is this correct?

Hi @rmr0012

I am not that familiar with Mac, but it sounds correct. This is what I have found: