Extremely slow, but cant find the bottleneck

Hi all

i just bought a Mybook Live 3TB and i connected it to my cable router thomson TWG850 - which is supposed to be 802.11b/g. My dell has a Dell wireless 1397 Wlan mini-card that i understand is 802.11g too.

Well, there is no way to push the transfer rate to more than 1MB/s - but the norm is more 400kb/s at least 90% of the time.

I can not find the problem. I am the only user, there are no other devices connected, and i have have update firmware for MBL and router too.

Any idea?

thanks so much!!

Can you connect the drive directly to your laptop? If so, what is your transfer speed?

if i connect the laptop to the router i can write on the MBL at 40-45MB/s