Extremely Noisy RMA Replacment Drives

recently I had harddrive failure. (1TB caviar Black 64mb cache) Sent it for RMA, received replacement one, that was making loud noises when reading data from.

I’m using it in the computer in my home recording studio, and the noise of the harddrive made it impractical to record, he microphone was picking up the noise.

Sent this one back and they sent me another one which is just as noisy. 

my otiginal cviar black harddrive was very silent.

What’s up with this? is Western Digital fixing old drives and sending it as replacements?  Now I gotta buy a new harddrive, because this WD replacement waranty harddrives aren’t useable for me.


Well according to WD website they do ship recertified drives as replacement. Howeve I’ll suggest you to contact them and explain the situation I’m sure they will look a proper solution for your case. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support