Extremely Frustrated

I have a WD 3TB mycloud for my IMAC and it has given me nothing but problems. I have a Gigbit network so speed is not an issue with the network. But i constantly have a problem with the drive dropping offline in the middle of operations i am doing. I have drive sleep turned off and my computer is set not to go to sleep. But for some reason it drops very often it is very frustrating. I would throw it out the window but I have my entire photo album on it(over 100,000 pictures/memories) I have spent over a week trying to move 100 pictures at a time because that is all I can do before it drops offline.

I have done a system only restore on it several times even plugged it directly into the computer. Nothing works. 

Time machine backup is even worse. I am constantly having to rebuild the database from scratch almost everyday. 

I hoped for something more reliable from a company like this instead I got a piece of SH&$!!!

Hello tattooeddad26, sorry to hear you are having problems. Be sure that you have the latest firmware update installed (3.04.01). If the problem continues you can try setting a static IP for the My Cloud, this should help to get a more stable connection. Check the link below for more information. 


I found the solution to the problem with that has been eluding us…I finally got everything off of my drive…wiped it clean…went to best buy and bought a new Apple Time Capsule and gave my WD Mycloud away…I am tired of dealing with inferior products

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