Extremely frustrated

Purchased a MyNet N900 router as I heard it was the best for gaming.  My Xbox 360 will not stay connected consistently. 

I have tried wireless and wired to the router with no difference.  I have done Port Forwarding.  No difference. 

I estimate that I am resetting the router a minimum of 5 times per week.

When I hard wire the Xbox to the modem, I have no connection issues.  My internet speed is good (Comcast).  Other devices have some connection issues (IPhone/Nook/ (wireless) that require rebooting of the router.

I have contacted WD Tech support and no one seems to have an answer other than it is someone else’s fault.

Is anyone else having issues like this?

I’m a relative novice so maybe I haven’t set the router up correctly, but based on my experience, I am not impressed with this product.  I really feel like I’ve wasted my money.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jimmy,

Yeah I know what your feeling; I feel the hardware is good just blighted by bad firmware.  I’ve moved on gave up on being frustrated and with the lack of any form of reply to my request on new firmware have given up waiting and purchased a new Asus RT-AC66U router when it arrives I’ll retire my N900 central.

Its a real pity as I believe this could have been a great router.

If you stay with this router, I believe some of the older firmware releases may have been more stable have a read through the posts.

If you decide to move on too, one of my criteria was good support from 3rd party firmware groups they can assist if the manufacturer fails, unfortunately I could not find a Western Digital group.

Goodluck Jimmy.

Hello and welcome jimmy075, please check your private messages.

Having the same issues with having to reset the router sporadically. Painful since I use it for work.

Private messages from a MOD? That does’t help anyone. Regreting my purchase Looks to be the last thing I buy from WD.


I used to hate the n900. I had similar problems. REPLACE YOUR CABLE MODEM! I had an old docsis 1.0 modem that worked for years. It was stable wnd worked flawlessly with older routers. WD is sensitive to the modem.

I have a xbox 360, xbox original, laptops, tablets, phones, a media server and numerous ap’s with zero issues after replacing my modem.  The router has not been reset in over 6 months now. YOUR MODEM IS THE PROBLEM.

Hi zx80r, can you share what problems are you having?