Extremely disappointing and unprofessional company I have ever dealt with

I have a WD external HDD 1TB which worked fine for exactly three months after having bought it. One fine day when we plugged it in, the hard drive does not start at all. We tried it with differnet plug points, but no luck.

We got in touch with the WD support about two months back with our problem. After about a month of them keeping us on the tail without any specific reply despite the fact that the product was under warranty, they agreed that the power supply could be an issue and that they would send a replacement for it. We thought at last we are getting somewhere, till we spent another almost month calling and following on the that power supply. About ten days back we were given a commintment that it was being sent. Then about a week back we were told it was already sent. And today we got a mail from the support stating that the power supply is out of stock and they will send it whenever they have it. So we are supposed to not use any data that we have on the HDD till the most INCOMPETENT and UNPROFESSIONAL company decides to cater to their customers who have actually paid for their RIDICULOUS product and are holding it under warranty. I dont know till when we are expected to keep waiting. Maybe till the warranty wears out and they can get back to us saying “sorry, we cannot replace it as it is not under warranty”. I find it very difficult to understand how they find any satisfied customers whatsoever. i think its just a fluke. WD is the MOST INCOMPETENT AND UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY IN THIS INDUSTRY. I have been using a Maxtor HDD for past 4 years with not a single complaint. If I do not get any satisfactory resolution from WD in 2 days, i am definately filing a complaint with the consumer satisfaction court.  Else,we would like a complete refund of our money for such a crappy product. Otherwise we will resort to legal and consumer means as well as highlight this in the media!

My sympathy (not with the devil) with you Mr. urvi30.

Hope you get somewhere.

All the best! :robotwink: