Extreme slowdown of a WD15EADS


I have a WD15EADS which I’d like to use to store files (obviously!).

This hard drive used to be in a RAID1 array in an other computer (using ubuntu) and got flagged as “Failed”.

As it passed all the DLG diagnostics without failure, I decided to try it in a Win7 computer. In general, I can get normal performance from it, but it regurarly becomes non-responsive and getting very slow transfer rate. I think it is defective as it has similar behaviour on two different computer under two different operating system, but can’t get it to throw an error code in the diagnostic software.

Right now, I’m copying files from a Dynamic striped volume of 2x750G to the new one (1x1.5TB) freshly partitionned and formatted using Win7.

All is fine, transfer rate is great and all of a sudden, speed slows to a crawl, queue length on E: is in the roof while others hard drives are idling, waiting for the E: drive to complete its writing:

E: is the WD15EADS being written
D: are the two (dynamic striped) 750G being read

Before: Transfer rate: 70 MBps
All is fine.jpg

During slow-down: Transfer rate: 0.6MBps

Is there anything I could try to prevent the slow-down? A firmware update to apply?



Hi there dude, there’s a specific tool in a thread made just for that, I’ll look for it. But what I would do, would be to take off as much data as possible and then replacing the drives to other models since Caviar Green drives are known for horrible RAID performance.

The hard drive is no longer in a RAID. It  is on its own, all alone.

If you could find the utility, it would be great!



if you formatted it with 7, then you shouldn’t be having issue with bad advance formatting.  I think I would get an RMA and replace the drive no matter what.  tests are one thing, but behavior is another.