External USB Hard disk reverting to Public


There seems to be a problem with external Hard disks connected USB to MyCloud with latest firmware: with every restart the shared hard disk folder reverts to Public sharing. Tried changing the privileges for the external share causes MyCloud to freeze and stops severing media, only works with a power restarts.

Also the external hard disks seem to disappear after some time on DLNA, even though Twonky sees the folder, the MyCloud panel cannot count the files on the external hard disk (I checked under Settings -> Media -> DLNA Media Sever,  it only counts the media stored on MyCloud disk). Again, only a restart shows the remaining files, both Rescan and Rebuild won’t show the files.

I am using WD My Book 3 TB as an external Hard Disk, with latest firmware update for both the Hard Disk and My Cloud.

Any ideas to fix that? Or should it be a firmware update from WD? Thanks a lot!

this is started to happen after you installed the latest firmware? It was working fine before?

The issue of the External shared folder reverting back to Public started with the latest firmware apparently. 

The issue of disappearing  DLNA shared folder since I bought the MyCloud (August 2014).

For the media server issues, I’d suggest reading my FAQ; unless controlled properly, restarts will generally destroy your Twonky settings: