External USB Drive

I have a WD World Ed 1TB drive installed and running properly on my home network.  I have a 1TB drive in an enclosure that I’d like to connect to the USB port on the back of the World Edition.  When the external USB drive is connected directly to my computer, it works fine and never drops off.  However, when I connect it to the USB port on the World Ed, the drive is initially recognized and shows up as a folder share, but when I attempt to write to it, it drops off as a share.  If I turn it off and back on, it’s recognized again only to drop off when I again try to write to it.

Any thoughts on  what the problem is?


Can you write to the drive when it is connected directly to your PC?  *Important, how large is the external drive?  Also, how is the drive formatted?

Yes, I can write to the drive when it’s connected directly to my PC.

The external drive is 1TB.

I’m not sure how the external drive is formatted.  I formatted it using the WD Network Storage Manager web-based app once when it was connected to the My Book.


I see now you mentioned it was a 1TB and that you are connecting it to a 1TB disk…  Sorry…  missed that.  Please verify the formatting.  If NTFS, read only capability if connected to the external.  If FAT both read and write should be available.  Post back with your findings. 

It’s FAT32.

Thanks for your help.

I noticed in your first post that you said, “when I turn it off and back on again”…  what kind of drive is the external…  is it powered does it have a fan or something?  I’m wondering if there isn’t sufficient power on the MB’s external USB port to power the other drive you are trying to use?  Works fine when connected directly to your PC.  Also which exact mybook to do you have…  comes in several flavors. 

The NAS is the My Book World (white lights).

The USB disk is a WD 1TB drive in an enclosure.  The enclosure is powered. There is no fan.



It can be a connectivity issue, Why don’t you try assigning a static IP address to the network drive. i really sound stupid giving this solution because i myself feel that it shoudln’t be a network issue but you can still give it a try.


My Book Networ drive White light supports both FAT and NTFS.

I gave the My Book a static IP but that didn’t help.

I reformatted the external drive as NTFS and now the My Book won’t even acknowledge that it’s there.  Before, when the drive was formatted as FAT32, the My Book would recognize it and it would be available as a USB share until you started to write to it.  Then the drive would drop off as a share.


Hi ,

1- Make sure firware is up-to-date and try the “copy manager” tool by accessing the interface… try to copy from mybook world to the usb drive… user manual page 164

2- Try to partition the drive, and try writing to it again, but anyways should work fine, also try copying a file that is not more than 4GB of capacity

by the way :

The My Book World Edition supports external USB storage; USB optical drives (CD/DVD

combo or a DVD dual/multi drive) are not supported. The USB port currently supports attached

drives with FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, and HFS+J file systems. Proprietary devices (e.g., cameras) are not

currently supported