External USB device access issues


I’m experiencing problems accessing the folders in MyBookWorld white light, used as a NAS connected to my home router. I’ve a Mac 10.6.4.

When I open finder and go on SHARED I can see the MyBookWorld drive in there. I click in it and I connect as admin using the password set up for the MBW control panel. From here I can access all the folders contained in the volume, which is ok.

The problem is that I’ve connected to the NAS an external hard disk via USB. When I click on the MBW icon from SHARED in the finder I can see both the Public folder for the contents in the NAS (which is ok) and the usb1-1share1 external usb disk. Now, if I click on that folder to access the usb external hd the system tells me that “The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “usb1-1share1” can’t be found.”.

If I go on Safari and type smb://MyBookWorld I see a list of folders I can mount. If I mount the usb1-1share1 one I can access it no problems.

Can anybody tell me how can I access this folder through the finder without having to use Safari?

Please let me know if more information is needed on this matter. I’ll be happy to provide them together with screen grabs of set ups etc.

Thank you