External Storage and USB Connectivity Limits

I’m new to the WDTV Live Hub experience, so far so good.  Howver, I can already see that disk capacity will be an issue very quickly.  I’m thinking 2x3TB of additional USB attached storage so I can maintain 2 copies.  I have tested connecting two small portable drives to the Hub, and works fine and Hub has the capability to copy selected objects between the drives, which I will have to do manually.  II have several questions;

  1. Is there a limit to the size of an external drive, I’m at the current FW level

  2. Is there a limit to the number of external drives the Hub can support (If I rip my DVDs/BRs I’ll need another pair)

  3. I plan to connect the external USB HDDs to a USB Hub connected to the rear port, the drives will be powered


My WDTV Hub is connected to to a Powerline Adapter, which is the main reason for not using a NAS + the cost of course


1- 3 TB is the largest size officially supported, but I have read that a single 4TB HDD should also work.

2- Yes, you can use a USB hub to connect several hard drives, but I don’t now the limit.

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Personally I have at home four my book connected to my live hub with a usb hub and it works just fine.

I believe that the maximun capacity is 3 TB However, I dont know what is the maximun of drive that you can use at the same time.

I’ve had greater than 3 TB in aggregate connected before, but it’s been some time ago…

IIRC, Someone a while back mentioned having 7 drives connected at one time.  :)