External My Book Essentials is no longer being read by my computers

I have had this hard drive for about 4 months. It’s a 1.5 TB My Book Essentials 3.0 hard drive. I plugged it into my XP PC computer tonight, and unplugged it to put it into my Win 7 PC. As soon as I did that It said device not recognized then after that nothing showed up. Both of my computers will not read the hard drive now. I would like to also add that I recently Reinstalled Win 7.

I have tried everything Restarting the Computers. Unplugging, Plugging back in, Installing the Drivers, Nothing has worked. Right now it is plugged into my WIn 7 Computer, The light is on and its vibrating. I’m guessing the data cable stopped working but I am not sure. I would love any one else’s opinion/help this matter, as I use this drive as a backup and for storing files that I would be devastated if I lost :frowning: Thank you.

The “device not recognized” error might be related to a bad USB cable.  If you do not have a spare cable you may contact WD Support  to ask for one.

Is there a name for this type of cable?  It’s a new cable type on the market, i havent found the name for it.  

This should help identify the cable http://www.wdc.com/en/products/resources/drivecompatibility/


I just bought a new cord and still nothing. I think I’m out of luck now 

A lot of these cable diagnosis’ are on the right track, but the problem is not the cable, it goes a little more into the drive, sometimes all the way to the controller board on the HDD itself, not just the cable and USB interface.

I see so many drives that simply need the controller components heated and reflowed. An easy job for any competent bench tech. And in so many of these cases the all data on the platters is just fine.