External Media Server address


My iphone recently crashed and I hadn’t done a backup for over a year…ahhh. I had setup access to my play my videos on 8player on my iphone but can’t remember what the server address should be. It took my ages to find it last time and remember a lot of digits like 80000 or similar in the address.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have SSH enabled, FTP enabled everything works fine but I just cant remember the special address used.

Just use the WD iPhone app and relog into your My Cloud using your MyCloud.com username and password. Or use the MyCloud.com web portal to access your My Cloud. Provided of course remote access has been enabled.

Generally you cannot access the My Cloud remotely using SSH. If you enabled FTP on the My Cloud you also have to enable port forwarding within your router to pass the FTP traffic to the My Cloud.

Thanks. I can already log in to the apps remotely but it’s the http address I need to store the media server details in third party media players like 8player and vlc etc

Have you tried using one of the My Cloud apps/software or the MyCloud.com web portal to generate an email link? That may give you the public URL. Chances are however that it won’t work. Generally it is not really possible to access the My Cloud remotely without using one of the My Cloud apps/software or the MyCloud.com portal or using the insecure FTP or using an email/web link generated through one of the previously mentioned remote access methods (non FTP).

Do a subforum search for SSH and you’ll find a discussion or two where people tried to access their My Cloud remotely using SSH.

WD removed the ability to remote map the My Cloud last year. If one has an older v4.x version My Cloud they can regain the remote mapping feature by using the unofficial CloudDAVMod app.


It looks like 8player supports DLNA servers for local network access, and 3G and VPN for remote access.

So you’ll need the details of your VPN connection. We can’t help with that; you’ll have to try to remember which VPN service you’re signed up to…