External HH to my cloud

I have a WD external HDD plugged into my personal cloud storage HDD… how on earth do i unplug it from the cloud device as i use to just eject it safely from my computer but i have no idea how to eject it safely from my cloud device…thing is now i get this notice on my WD cloud icon on my computer that tells me its unplugged unsafely and its now not seeing the files but when i click on the notice it tells me nothing or anything to do to recover it properly

Assuming you’re using Windows, install WD’s Quick View utility. It will appear in your system tray, and when you right click on it, you’ll see all drives attached, and then you right click on those to “eject”, which, at least for my system, also powers the external HD off.

I have the WD access icon on my task bar is this what you mean

One can also eject the USB hard drive via the My Cloud Dashboard by selecting the USB icon in the My Cloud Dashboard…

I dont have that icon anywhere all i have is the wd Icon in my tray when i click on it it gives me options to open the drives in folder format and create shortcuts to my desktop if needed. I dont have wd quick view utility unless thats what this is how do i get those

so after writing this i downloaded the smartware my cloud quick view however i right click on my external drive it asks me to create a new folder i right click on the icon on my desktop it asks me a whole list of normal windows options like compress etc… why is this so difficult

It’s in the Dashboard; that’s the MyCloud’s UI, accessed via a web browser. See the ‘quick start’ guide that came with your device.

Also, use Google to find and download the MyCloud user manual. It will explain this stuff.

As my post indicated that icon is in the My Cloud Dashboard NOT the WD Quick View or in the task tray area.


OK it looks like i have found it thanks i was in the wrong dashboard,there are several dashboards on this thing and its very confusing on the set up thanks guys

There’s only one ‘Dashboard’, I.e. the administrator’s user interface.

There are a number of other tools for accessing the device.

Read the user manual…