External hds

Hello, I wonder if you can connect two external hds 1TB wd tv live in hub?


I connect  x2  1TB  WD Elements SE External HDD’s to my WDTV Live Hub without any problems.

To me not working, I put the two hds in it takes to recognize, and recognizes only one hd, am I doing something wrong?
Work hard drives usually, they even appear on the WD network drives, but does not appear on the live hub

I have no problem with 2 hard drives connected to my Hub. They appear as USB1 and USB2. I even use a memory stick at times to transfer small things like music files. What happens if you switch the drives? Does the same drive not appear or is it the USB port that doesn’t recognize?

Is it always the one drive that doesn’t show up, or the one USB port that isn’t showing the drive?? Are you using a USB hub?? What format are the drives??

is just a disk that does not recognize, I think it is the disk that is faulty, I’ll try to check, thanks for the help.