External HDD WD My Passport 1 TB

Hi, I am using External WD My Passport 1 TB HDD. I dont actually remember when I bought it. But for a while now sometime it causing problem while connecting to my PC & other devices like my TV & Blu-ray Player through USB port. When it doesnt connect to my Devices it gives off a Beeping sound . Sometime if I Unplug & Plug it again it connects but sometime it doesnt & have to continue this process few times before it connects. My HDD is relatevely new maybe about an Year old. Also If it causes this prob during at the Start of my PC then my PC doesnt open & get Freze in the process untill I unplug my HDD. I told someone about this & he told me it might be because of the Plug in cable(don’t know what its called). Since its still relatevely new I am worried wither it will Die or not. So plz help , I think I gave all the Info but if you need any more Info do ask  :slight_smile:


Try replacing the USB cable. A faulty cable might be the cause of this issue.

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