External HDD Problems

Searched the boards, can’t find an answer.

Bought new WD 2TB Essentials. Hooked it up to hub, hub sees it but there is no option to format it, Should there be?

Connected it to Win7 machine, removed the partition (volume), created a new simple volume and formatted it NTFS with default sector size. Reconnected it to hub. No change.

I can see it through the network and copy files to it. I keep reading about an option to “Include all local storage”, or something to that effect. I have the newest firmware, but cannot find that option. Under “Video”, when I hit the red button, I get: My Media Library, Local Storage, and three other choices.

And, assuming the library can include content from both disks, what is there’s a folder-naming conflict? Like, if I have folder “Drama” in the root of both folders? How does it handle that?



No.  The WD won’t format external disks; only the internal disk.

If you’ve already formatted it on a PC, there’s no need to reformat it anyway.

“LOCAL Storage” is the same as “All Local Storage.”

When you use the Local Storage option, the first navigation step is to choose which disk to navigate.

If you change the FILTER to “All Videos,” then you won’t see the folders at all so there’s no conflict.

Thanks much. That helps.