External HDD Problem: "Delayed Write Failed"

I’m experiencing a big problem with my External HDD.  Whenever I try to transfer big files to it (such as movies etc) I keep getting the following error message (shown in the screenshot below).  It also causes my PC to freeze up until I actually unplug the HDD from the PC.  I’ve tried formatting the HDD and that hasn’t worked.  I’m unsure what to do now to be honest, it just seems to not want to work whatsoever.

It’s a Western Digital 465gb ‘My Passport’ Hard Drive.

Screenshot - http://i48.tinypic.com/a10c4k.jpg

I’d appreciate some help with this, thanks!

I’ve just tried testing the drive with the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic from Western Digital and received the following error message:

Screenshot - http://i47.tinypic.com/33f4ytl.jpg

Bump.  I need some help with this as soon as possible really, as I’m going after tomorrow and would like to take the HDD with me.

ISTM that your drive has a hardware problem, probably weak heads or bad sectors. A “delayed write failed” error is telling you that Windows was unable to write cached data to the drive.

8 common causes for ‘delayed write failed’ errors: