External HDD issues w/ cpu after wdtv eject

hello all,

This problem is driving me mad and was hoping to maybe get some insight on it.

I just got a seagate goflex 3tb 3.0 external desk drive and am in the process of moving my library to it but I’ve encountered one annoying problem.
I’m running firmware 1.05.04 on my wdtv live.
Working on a 32-bit Vista cpu.

So my wdtv live seems to be reading the external hard drive perfectly fine.(have not partitioned it or anything) Have played multiple file types and sizes and so far so good.

But what i have seemed to notice is that whenever i connect the hdd to the wdtv, eject when done, pull the usb plug, then plug the hdd into my cpu the following problem arises.

  1. I notice the external doesn’t auto-run, that is, the auto-play box doesn’t pop up. Though, My cpu recognizes the drive completely and i can even navigate through it.

BUT, here’s the big problem, whenever i try to transfer anything it starts copying the file to the drive, then at some random point, the file transfer completely hangs and then freezes my cpu entirely.

This has caused me to reboot my cpu forcefully more than a handful of times. Funny thing is, once i reboot and reconnect the hdd to the cpu, the file i was copying is there.

I HAVE, however, found a temp fix. Everytime i eject the hdd from the wdtv live and connect it to my cpu, i have to “safely remove” the drive from my cpu and then reconnect it. At which point, auto-play box pops up and it allows me to copy files succesfully.

*edit update* - The drive just froze while transferring again, even with my “temp fix”. So guess that fix is out of the question now. 

any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried reformatting the drive but to no avail. I’m trying to understand if the problem is with the drive or the wdtv live and whether it is safe to even continue using the drive with my wdtv. It’d be nice to not have to eject and connect so many times as i don’t want to wear the drive from constant reboots 

Plus it’d be nice to not risk complete external hdd corruption. 

Firstly, You are in the Wrong Forum, Your device is a WDTV Live not WDTV Live Streaming (SMP)

Secondly, there might be a issue with the support of 3TB drives with WDTV Live series, check the firmware release notes to verify if that firmware 1.05.04 has no reported issues with drives greater than 2TB (3TB drives uses GUID paritioning )

From what I gather, WDTV Live does not seem to be the reason for trouble as you reported that if you safely eject the drive from WDTV Live hardware your Windows Vista PC sees the drive fine and the autorun works fine.

The problem seems to be the fact that Windows VISTA might have issues with your 3TB drive as it fails to write properly to the drive. Try running chkdsk

open a command window and fix filesystem inconsistencies

chkdsk : /F

Try to recreate the problem by trying a different OS on your PC or take help from a friend who has a differrent OS. Vista is not my choice of OS as it is very buggy at best.

Hope this helps