External HDD housing as SATA-to-usb adapter?

I have a MyBook Studio 2, the 2TB version listed here:


I have a new 2.5 inch SSD of a different brand which I would like to image via USB before installing it into a new computer. My question is, would it be possible once I remove the HDDs from the MyBook housing to use it simply as a SATA-to_USB adapter and save myself the trouble of buying an adapter sepcifically for that purpose, or is the housing designed to only read WD drives that have been formatted to work with that WD external housings? Would the housing interface autoformat my drive and make it unusable as the boot drive of my computer? Any other issues that I had not considered?

Thank you for any feedback.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this and this is not supported by WD, but lets see id another user has some ideas or tips to share on this matter.