External HD Makes Noises But Doesn't Turn On or Show Up On Desktop


I want to start off by saying that I have limited computer/technical knowledge so please if you answer me use little words. lol.

I have a WD external hard drive, I got it two christmases ago. When I hooked it up to my MAC (back when I first got it) it worked easy, the icon popped up on my desktop and there has never been a problem. I had to take my computer apart the other week to move it so for the first time since I have had it the external got turned off and unplugged. I have my computer back together and plugged the external back in and it’s not working. If I hold my ear next to it I can hear something inside so it seems to be thinking (probably plotting my demise lol) but the light in front doesn’t turn on and no icon on my desktop. 

I have no idea if there is a round about way to get in to the external (through menus on my computer or something), really, I have no idea what to do…all my music, pictures etc are on that external so I need to be able to get it back…any suggestions?

I will admit that when I turned it off I didn’t eject it, which I didn’t realize was such a big deal till I started googling to try to figure out what to do…have I messed up all my files cause I didn’t eject? :robotsad:

Try to use shorter data cable, do not use any extension data cable and any reductions. Try to plug-in the data connector into another port of your computer - mainboard mounted ports (rear ports) are always preffered. If none of these does help, your drive is locked and you did not enter the password to unlock the drive. Run WD SmartWare utility and enter the correct password. If you have entered the correct password but the WD SmartWare utility says that the password is incorrect, let the WD SmartWare utility opened, select option Safely remove MyPassport Studio in WD Disk Manager, unplug the cable of your WD drive from your computer for a while, then reconnect it. In WD SmartWare utility enter the password again. If none of these does help, I can’t help you.

my drive has a password? it never asked me to enter one…I will try what you suggested, thanks! :slight_smile:

ok, I took a look at the back of my computer, the cable to connect my external to my computer is a firewire cable and I only have one firewire port on my computer so there isn’t anywhere else I can try it…I only have the one cable and it’s the original that came with the external so I’m not using any extensions etc…where do I get WD SmartWare Utility from?


My advice was for users with USB connection. I don’t have any experience with the FireWire connection.

Maybe you will need to do the new installation of your drive: