External HD full. How to get backups to overwrite existing data?

Basically I’ve set up a 1TB WD external disk (bought in 2018), and it is now full. It’s set up to back up every hour, but the disk is full.
I would like to see the WD backup plan overwrite over the oldest files first. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it? Do I need to manually erase data to make space?

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On my My Passport only the latest version is complete in a special Volume folder. The latest changes are kept in a History folder for each version.

I assume the latest files are on the PC. If not, use WD Backup to Restore just the latest version of each file. I think you can select the folders rather than each file. Confirm that each file got to the PC. When you are sure all of the PC files are up to date use WD Drive Utilities to Erase the drive.

Then I suggest you change the backup frequency to Daily rather than Hourly. Every time a new version is made, a History file is created for that version. This is causing the drive to fill up. 1 TB size drive is kind of small for frequent backups.



Thank you for the rapid reply. It sounds like once the disk is full, there’s no other alternative other than to manually erase data, and then initiate auto backups once there’s enough space on the external disk to do so. I will do this, and will switch to back ups once daily.

I should mention that use this computer for work, and so the hourly backups can potentially save my butt if my computer was to crash. There is a lot of data generated within an hour. But I hear ya loud and clear, I’m going to need more disk space.

Thank you kindly.