External Hardrive not ejecting

I just purchased a WD Passport 2TB external drive and was having issues like many others from the threads i’ve read here and never noticed where the members ever corrected the eject issue.

The issue :

When attempting to eject the external Hardrive from the WD TV Live Hub you woudl see a spinning disc that always remianed and so forum members were powering off the Hub to remove the external drive which didn’t stop the device as it would on you pc. If you pull the drive without stopping it on the Hub when you connect it to your PC you would get an error message from windows that the drive needs to be scanned for file system errors and bad sectors which never finds anything wrong… You can stop the drive on the pc via the “safely remove hardware” icon in the system tray as normal and reconnect to the pc and never see the error message to scan and fix the external drive.

You only see this message after disconnecting the drive from the Hub becasue it wasn’t stopped correctly. I realized that in order to stop the drive you need to select the “Files” button on the Hub and make sure it’s using the internal drive and not the external drive  and do the same on the “Videos” tab and any other tabs you may have used to browse the contents of your connected external drive. You can change the source from the external drive to the internal drive by using the red button of course. Once this is done and you press the eject button on your WD TV Live Hub remote the spinning disc only appears for a breif moment and then goes away and you can safely disconnect the drive and connect it to your pc and not have to worry about getting the scan and fix error message.

Thought i would post what i learned since i wasn’t able to locate a solution online. I’m sure this is why others are having this issue.


Wow.  Great find!

Thanks Tony, I love your XML fetcher. I would like to also add if you get an error message stating that the Hub can’t

save content to the external drive and the filter options will not function a simple restart of the Hub will correct this

and will continue to work correctly so long as you disconnect the drive as mentioned above.