External Harddrive with two partitions


I just got my HUB and I have some trubble connecting my USB HDD.

The HDD is a WD Elements 1TB with two partitions, one NTFS with all my media and one “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” (HFS+ ?) for my TimeMachine Backups. The HUB is running the latest firmware (2.03.24)

Until Upgrading to this firmware the USB HDD was working fine with the HUB, both partitions were accessable, everything was fine.

But now the external drive does not show up in the sources menue anymore… :frowning:

Is this because of the

We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs.

in the release notes of the current firmware?

I doubt it…  The 1TB drives with GPT are pretty rare in the first place (GPT partitions are only needed for greater than 2TB.)

Ok, but why does the HDD not show up since the update? The USB Drive is working fine with my MacBook and other USB HDD’s show up in the menu (Trekstore Movie Station 500GB FAT32 Format).

How can I see if the WD Elements is formatted in GPT or not?


Without much knowledge of what type of OS you primarily used to format the External HDD I am just giving you a generic response 

See here <> how to find the partition information

Thanks for that link, I now know that my WD Elements USB drive has got a GPT instead of MBR (EFI uses GPT, BIOS uses MBR), but it still does no really answer my question, WD says in the Release notes that they blocked drives bigger than 2TB. My one is only 1TB…

Maybe in a future Firmware…