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This is my first post as I’m about to pull the trigger on a new WD TV Live.  I have some questions if I may.

(1)  Is 5 ghz wireless on the horizon?  I have this great tool on my router, and nothing to use it on…

(2)  I want to use an external hard drive next to the player and hard wire (usb) it to the player.  Is usb 3.0 on the horizon?

(3)  I am hearing this player doesn’t like large external hard drives.  I want to use a 4 TB if possible.  Or should I look at something smaller?

Thank you in advance for your help.  I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions.  I am very impressed with this forum and it’s one of the two big reasons (file compatability the other) I am going WD instead of Roku.

Edit:  One other question if I may…and this may be a very dumb question to some…but you can order two different models depending on video file format.  PAL and NTSC.  I have no clue as to what those differences are and what I should order.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The unit currently does not support drives larger than 3TB.

The enhancements you are suggesting can be added to the ideas board if you want.

WD TV Ideas

The unit can be changed from PAL to NTSC on the menus.


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Can’t find the post but people reported 4 TB dries to work.

I’ve used 3 x 6TB drives on a USB hub, and they worked fine.

I say fine, I had a couple of minor glitches getting the hub to work properly, but it didn’t take me too long to sort out.


Steve W

I actually went out and bought the TV Live this weekend and did a quick install into my home theater system.  Keep in mind I really have no use at the moment for online services like Netflix, etc.  I save to my pc a LOT of programs and football games I receive and record from my satellite.  I want something that will stream to my home theater via wireless and do it seamlessly, without freezing up, and preserve the audio tracks.  My satellite Receiver says it will do it.  It won’t…and it’s hardwired.  Most worthless streaming tool on the market.  I tried my latest and greatest Sony Blu-Ray player wireless.  Nope.  I truly believe both of those use crappy processors and software decoders. 

What I was thinking was I would install a large hardrive next to the WD TV Live and use a USB cable to play my movies.  I would then figure out a way to get the movies to the hard drive.  But the WD TV Live does such an outstanding job of handling the streaming wirelessly from my pc, I no longer have the need to use an external drive attached to the WD unit.  I have a ton of storage on my pc and in fact save my media to a large eSata drive now.  Since it streams perfectly from this setup, I’m golden!

Thank you for all your help guys.

I’m looking to add some sizable drives to my WD - but the memory issues I’m finding are driving me nuts, can you DM me with how you set your end up?