External hard drive to connect to my [BT] hub

Some advise please

I’m looking to buy a device to connect to my [BT]hub to save documents etc from my Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone.

Not being exactly computer literate I need some one to point me in theb right direction.

Thank you in advance


Are you considering a WD MY Cloud to do what you suggest as that will work just fine.  If you want to connect a USB HDD to the HH not sure that will work.

The My Cloud is fairly basic but I use mine to store shared data mostly pictures video and word documents on other devices and streaming to my smart tv.

The worst bit is getting all your data onto the device in the first place but you can connect it to your PC to speed things up. Once everything is on it smaller changes are pretty quick, one thing it doesnt do is synch everything to your other devices.