External Hard Drive spins, but the blue light does not come on, drive never seems to start

I have a Western Digital WD5000G032 - My Book World that has been on my network for several years.  I use it to back up photos and archive files.

It started making a funny clicking sound, and since I was not using it, I unplugged it thinking that it might need to rest (the weather has been hot, and I thought it might need to cool off).

I can not restart it. 

When I plug it in, I can hear it spin, but the blue lights on front do not turn on, and it just spins and clicks, stops after a few seconds, then spins and clicks again.

As I used this for back up, I would like to get my files back. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.


The issue might be related to a faulty power adapter, you may try replacing it.  If still fails you may need to take the drive to a data recovery company.

Thank you for your response.

I have read the suggestion to get a new power adaptor on several posts. Since I can feel vibration in the drive, can you explain to me how more power would help?