External hard drive shows up in iTunes but tracks don't show up...?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve read a bunch of the messages about connecting iTunes to run off an external hard drive, but haven’t had any luck resolving my problem… To be fair though I’m not that familiar/comfortable with a lot of programming terms so I may have missed something that was included…

I have an LG netbook with Windows XP Home and iTunes (updated to the latest version yesterday) and a My Book Live 2 TB external hard drive… In simple terms, I want to store/run iTunes off of the external hard drive and use my netbook or iTouch to listen to music…

I followed Apple’s instructions for moving iTunes to another drive - I consolidated the files, checked the box for keeping the files organized, changed the location for iTunes Media folder location to my external hard drive (when I ‘Get Info’ for the tracks iTunes it shows them in the external hard drive), then deleted the original iTunes Media folder… My Book Live shows up in iTunes, but does not list any tracks… I moved all of my iTunes (tv, music, ringtones, etc) to a folder I created in the external hard drive called iTunes… I did move the music from iTunes to the Shared Music folder on the external hard drive, but neither location shows the tracks in iTunes…

It’s probably obvious that I’m not strong at this sort of thing, I usually try a few things until I get it to work… With the size of iTunes though trying/moving things takes hours and I’m hoping someone can give me some feedback on what I’m doing wrong or forgetting to do :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers :slight_smile:

Did you turn ON MEDIA SERVING for that new share you created?



I didn’t create a new share - I intended to have the iTunes accessible to everyone so had left just the Public share that was already there… I will create a new share and see if that helps… The only way I know of to access the dashboard (think that’s the correct name) is to type “mybooklive” in the address bar, but it doesn’t always open… I’ll try setting up the new share once I can access it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion - fingers crossed it’ll work :slight_smile:

It worked! - sort of :slight_smile: I have tracks showing up in iTunes under the shared/external drive but not all of the tracks are there… I consolidated/moved all of iTunes at the same time and they all show up in the same folder in the external hard drive, but only 288 of the 700 tracks are showing up in iTunes… When I ‘Get Info’ for the missing tracks it says it’s not found, offers to locate them, and locates them in the external hard drive folder next to the tracks that are showing up… Think this is an iTunes thing though… Can I just confirm that it is so I don’t keep bugging people on here about my hard drive :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It does take a little while for files to show up in the index.