External Hard Drive may have died...?


My husband bought an external hard drive (my notebook wd10eads-11m2b1 [world edition notebook]) a few years ago and thus far it has worked fine. We have it networked to our pcs externally becuase we both have raids set up on our towers. 

We had to reset the router a few days ago and have not been able to make the router recognize the hard drive at all. It lights up and makes all the proper hard-drivey sounds, so I think it may just be the reader part of the unit, and the data itself should be salvagable…?

If anyone knows of anything we can try to get this thing working again that would be amazing; we have EVERYTHING on it and I’d hate to lose it. If not, maybe there’s a way we can still get the data off and maybe get it on a new external? 

Any help would be awesome!!!

Hello, as a troubleshooting try pressing the reset button on the back of the My Book World for 4 seconds, if the problem continues, you can also try connecting the My Book World Ethernet cable directly to the PC. 

yeah we’ve tried the reset thing, we get a green link light but no orange act light.  we used confirmed cables that work for other devices in plugs on our router that work for other devices, powered down powered up, reset it, nothing seems to let it be visable on the network.