External hard drive is bust - help!

Hello everyone. 

I bought the ‘My passbook Essential 250gb’ in 2009, and have just started having problems with it. A few days ago I had my iPhone restored, with my iTunes library on the external drive - I plugged the iPhone and drive in so I could sync, but half way through the drive just disconnected… Now when I connect the drive, it makes a funny noise - two beeps then quiet for 1 second, then it repeats the beeps.

It isn’t showing in My Computer but it’s showing in Device Manager as this which I believe is: WDC WD800JD-22JNA0. I’ve tried a number of things: 

  • Uninstalling it from Device Manager, rebooting, reinstalling.

  • Update Driver which returns unable to 

  • Plugging something else using the same usb cord which works fine

  • Plugging something else using the same usb port which works fine

  • Using the usb port at the back of the computer, as well as the 2 at the front

  • Searched for my iTunes music on my pc to no avail, also downloaded a few programs to find hidden files to no avail

The light is showing on the hard drive where the usb cord goes so the hard drive is still “alive” but possibly on it’s way out. As you can imagine, all my music is on the drive, so I’d really like to try to recover if possible. Apple have told me there’s no way to recover an iTunes library without either the library or a mobile containing the data. 

Please help - I would really appreciate it. 

Rachael, from the UK. 

me too, same stuff going on in device manager , no pth, i need help too…

If you already tried all the steps mentioned, you might have a corrupted partition. your options are to attempt to fix the partition with the defragment the drive and/ or run the Extended Test with the Diagnostic utility.

If the drive fails the test, I would suggest you to use a search engine like Google and look for a free Data Recovery Software as a last resort to attempt to recover your data.