External Hard drive for ipad

I look everywhere and there is only one way to add additional mass storage to the ipad. I heard that it would take too much power away from the ipad if they added support for hard drive connectivity. My idea would be for all tablet, PC, smartphone, Macs, etc…

My idea is this. (sorry if it has similar posts) I think if you guys made a device that would act as a LAN with it’s own IP address and everything, that you could access all your files and save battery power too because the device isn’t drawing power from your ipad. It would be like accessing the internet. The only difference between now and this is that your data is streamed to you. You can always add the option to plug in by USB too. This way you aren’t stuck with only 32GB. And if you can work with apple to allow you to stream your movies to apple tv, ipad, ipod, iphone… then that’s great. If not you have all the other devices that it will be compatible with. Think of it like icloud portable. would work great for camping. To access you info all you do is charge your HDD or plug it in, open your web browser up and type in the IP address. Voila! Your files are right there. The only obstacles that I can think of would be having the device reading the files. Like if you have a movie or video and having Windows media player open it. Or in the ipads case, it’s video app. Which would be quick time I guess. Anyway, good idea. Just needs the edges smoothed out.

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This device already exists on the market. Western Digital does not currently make one, but other brands do. They have existed since last year or so.

That’s Great! I would love to know what product. I wish WD made it but you can’t win everything. :slight_smile:


Seagate Go Flex Wireless

I believe WD will make one, and it will surpass this one. I have used both brands and prefer WD products.

yes i think u better not buy form WD

other wise after 2 weeks of using it u will recive a “Degraded mode” message and the support will sugest that you buy another backup device

so be wise and take a short cut and buy from another supplier

Idea approved and submitted for voting.