External hard drive causing problems with computer

My computer won’t boot up unless in safe mode when Essential external connected. It hasn’t booted up correctly for a while and now when I try to access the WD it won’t let me get in to that. The whole system just runs and runs but won’t do anything. It says it isn’t responding but it won’t stop so I can get out of it without shutting the computer off the hard way.

Go into BIOS and check boot order. CD should be first and theb HD and USB after that.


I don’t think this is a “Boot order” issue. Incorrect boot order will not allow to boot on safe mode. As far as I understand your USB interface is okay. But hard drive may have errors or permanent failure.

To test this, boot your PC without Ex-HDD connected. (PC should boot properly) If not you have to fix your PC first. If booted properly, connect your drive and run WD DLG Diagnostics software and test the drive.

If test fails, you have to return your drive and get a replacement or refund.