External hard disk not Recognising

I Bought a 1TB my passport External hard disk a year back and i have

           1) Partitioned into 3 folders

           2) Set a password using WD Security

 Now when i connect my external hard disk to my laptop(Windows 7), it is showing as a CD drive in My computer and disk manangement  shows the disk memeory but i couldn’t access my any files inside.

in that case when i called WD for technical support they told me to delete the partition. But when i give delete volume option in disk management, after a long time of processing the window becomes “Not Responding” and my laptop freezes until i remove my external hard disk.

So please somebody help me understand why i cant delete the volume in disk management; is it because i have set a password to my drive or some other problem. or please suggest some alternate way to unlock my drive and  making it work


Try running a diagnostic using WD DLG. You can also use DLG to write zeros to your drive and then try formatting it again.

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I have tried Data Life gaurd Diagnois…it is not detecting my External hard drive and if i try something to make it detect…my laptop freezes until i disconnect my hard disk…

it may be the WD security which i used is not allowing windows data life gaurd diagnois to detect my hard disk.

Let me ask some questions:

  1. Did you install the security on another PC and then move the drive to your laptop?

  2. Does Windows Control Panel see the drive?

  3. Does Windows Explorer see the drive?

  4. Did you password protect the entire drive or just one folder? 

    If one folder, can you see the others?

If you installed the security on one PC and then moved the drive to another PC, try moving the drive back to the original PC…  The software may install a key on the computer you need to open the drive.

If Number 2 is yes and number 3 is no, then the controller is probably shot.  which is what happened to me… it may have taken the partitions with it (as did mine…)  If this is the case, you could try software like Partition Magic to see if the files are recoverable…

If Number 2 and 3 are yes…  then I appologize, I don’t have any other advice