External hard disk disconnect after 4-5 minutes when used

I just bought a WD hard drive my passport has only been used for 2 months, for normal initial use, but for a few weeks if I use 4-5 minutes the hard disk is disconnected and I have to unplug the cable.
I hope someone can give a solution to this problem.

Hi maulana1998,

Have you tried to connect the drive with any other USB cable and check if the issue still persist?


Please try below-mentioned fixes

  • Change the data cable and check if still drive disconnects
  • Plugin the drive into the different USB port
  • Run check disk command to know the drive issues and fix them

Hope any of them will work for you.

I’ve tried using my friend’s USB cable, but still disconnect every 4-5 minutes.

Hi maulana1998,

You should replace the drive if it is under warranty period. Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to apply for the RMA.


  • Run check disk command to know the drive issues and fix them?
    I don’t know how

Here find the use of check disk command