External Enclosure for Internal Drive?


I have 2 WD5000AAKS internal drives from a computer that I no longer use.  I would like to put those drives in external enclosures to use as backup drives for a Windows 7-64 computer.  Is it OK (possible?) to do this?   If so, any recommendations/suggesstions as to enclosures would be greatly appreciated!




External enclosures can be hotboxes. Choose a 3.5" SATA enclosure, preferably with heatsink and fan, and with as many interfaces as possible, including USB, Firewire, and eSATA. USB is the most universal interface, but eSATA is the fastest.


Thanks very much for the specifics!!  Do you have any recommendations as to Brand?  I’ve looked at some and heat does seem to be a problem.




If a heat is a concern, I would suggest getting an enclosure with active cooling, something like Antec MX-1.


I bought a Cooler Master XCraft 350 enclosure for my wife’s sister and it has been trouble free, for several years.

These have a grill mesh on one side, the back I guess you would call it,  and on the main side, a heat-conducting pad is designed to press against the drive to help extract heat out that side too. It is pretty hot where I live (Brisbane) but no problems in that regard.

Just make sure to get the right 3.5" versus 2.5" enclosure.  As a general rule, 3.5" require an AC adapter while 2.5" draw power from the USB bus.


I will check out both the Antec and the Cooler Master.  Sounds like both are good choices. 

Thanks very much for the recommendations!!