External dvd drive

It’s possible to play videos, music or photos from an external DVD-drive via USB with the WDHD TV LIVE? Thanks


why dont  WD add external DVD Drive feature to this great product while nearly all of other competitors support this feature?

Presumably because it’s a network media player.  It’s meant to stream files over the network.  It does that.

It’s not a DVD player.

Most people have a standalone DVD player and / or a BD player.

It’s been in the Ideas Lab for over a year and only got 26 votes.  It’s deservedly low priority and won’t be happening any time soon.

If you want it now, check out B-Rad’s WDLXTV firmware.

Hi, Thanks for your reply

First of all could you please tell me where is the idea? so i can rate it!

Second, it is not network media player its just  HD media player and it should support this simple feature as other players like iaam novatron, patriot, eaget and others support it.

3rd, i have tried b-rad’s firmware but its not updating as usual and its curent version ( is based on WD firmware 1.02.21

as you can see its so old firmware and i have so many problems with it that simplest of them was not play sound of some files.



It looks like you already voted on it.  :)


You should buy a product for the features it has, not for features you hope get added later on.  Less chance of being disappointed that way.