External Drives

I currently have a 2TB Western Digital Essentials External Drive, connected to the HUB, along with a WiFi Adapter, so all my USB ports are used up. I just finished filling all 3TB’s so i’m out of space now.

I dont know a whole lot about these NAS drives everyone talks about, or exactly what makes them so special.

Price is definitely a huge part in what i decide to purchase, so keep that in mind.

I’m looking for another 2TB’s worth of space (trying to stay under 150 bucks as i got my other 2TB for 99$)

So what is my best option for the cheapest 2TB drive to stream to the HUB as my USB ports are full? How do these NAS drives work, what makes them different from a regular drive? What drive do you have and how do you like it, what is my best bang for the buck? Whatever info you can help me with is appreciated in making an informed decision

s tand is there such a thing as an external drive with it’s own USB ports?

Like an external hard drive that has 2 USB ports in the back, so you can add a drive to that drive?

Do they make anything like that?

That would allow me to plug my External Hard Drive into my HUB, and then plug another external Hard drive into the back of my external hard drive connected to my hub

I’ll try and draw a picture of what i’m talking about

[_____] = external drive

----------  = USB wires connecting them

(_____) = WD TV LIVE HUB

   External Drive         usb cable   External Drive             USB Cable          WD  HUB

[_______________] --------- [__________________] -------------- (________________)

This is my picture of an external hard drive, connected to another external hard drive, connected to the hub

Does any company market a product like that, and if they do, would the other hard drive be recognized by the hub/

You could use a wireless bridge that connects to your hub via ethernet instead of a wireless adapter and, thus, free up your other USB port.

would that actually work, i seen a Rocketfish with 2x 3.0 USB ports as a hub, so if i connect more USB ports to it, will the WDTV Hub see all the drives, cause i know the WDTV Hub does not use usb hubs.


if you have a desktop or laptop in the house that stays on, just connect an external dirve(s) via usb and share across the network.

I step up a small formfactor PC (mini-pc) like this and works great - all wired - HD streams flawlessly

                                                                                  (wired or wireless)

                                               WDTV-PC -------LAN-----------ROUTER-------LAN--------WDTVLIVEHUB


                         USB 2.0/3.0   I


                                   6x 2TB WD MY BOOKS

Its just an alternative method, rather than spending a fortune on a NAS Box…

oh ok, yeah that may not work for me, my network is capped to 250GB so if i am streaming large bluray files, it make **bleep** up alot of bandwidth, but good idea though