External Drives for Mac Experiencing Data Loss with Maverick OS -- UPDATED FOR NOVEMBER 6, 2013

JKWalker111 wrote:

So - I was simply able to go to the Applications folder and drag/drop the WD programs into the trash.  There were a few others in the Library/Application Support folder, too, which I also deleted.


Steps to completely remove WD SmartWare from your Mac:

  • Run the SmartWare uninstaller application located in /Applications/
  • Using Apple’s Activity Monitor from /Applications/Utilities quit the following processes:


WD Quick View


  • Delete /Library/LaunchDeamons/com.wdc.WDDMService.plist (Entry that causes WDDM to start.)
  • Delete /Library/LaunchDeamons/com.wdc.WDSmartWareServer.plist (Entry that causes the SmartWare Server to start.)
  • Delete /Applications Support/WDSmartware (Removes all SmartWare support programs)
  • Delete /Application/WDSmartWare (SmartWare user interface)
  • Delete Library/Preferences/com.wdc.smartware.plist
  • From System Preferences->Users Login Items remove WDQuickview for all users. (Entry that runs WD Quick View when a user logs in. There should be a single entry for all users. Deleting it from one any account should remove it for all accounts.)