External Drive

Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I have had an external hard drive (1TB) attached through usb 2 , to my WD live for at least a year.  I have had no trouble with it up untill two days ago.  The message is that there is no data on it.  When I disconnect and hook it up to my PC ist show all my data…so it is on the Hard drive, it is just not being read!?  I ahve another external hard drive that is hooked up to my PC I tried that one on the WD, it also wouldnt work.  Both times I used a differant sata 1 TB HD.  Now using the external hard drive Holder( the unit the hard drive goes ionto) and it worked. So in a nut shell…the two TB hard drives cant be recognised by the WD, but a hard drive of lesser size seems to work?Any Ideas

Did you tried using the second USB post on the WDTV?

Make sure that you have your SMP up to its latest firmware.  You can also try a reset, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.