External drive

Having problems with drive on my pc. It shows up in taskbar and in “my computer” but will not open up when clicked. Can anyone help?

try to check drive status in disk management. click startbutton/right click my comp/click manage/click disk management…

check drive status

Did as you said. It shows up there and says that it is healthy. what should I check now?

What type of drive do you have? Does it said online or offline?

My Book Essential, 1tb.  Looked at taskbar and it says online, and unlocked.

Whats the total free space and drive capacity that you can see under disk management? Do you have files inside the drive?

Yes, at this time I do have files on the drive. it has 1.7tb free space and 30.8gb of used space. when ever I try to open the drive to look at the home screen, it never opens; even though its showing up in disk management as being online, and in my taskbar. try opening it through taskbar and from the progams way. either seems to work. Do you think it could be a computer problem on my end?

Try using a different computer to access the drive to verify that.