External drive?

I have 3  WD external drives on an XP system. Whenever I use explorer just to do something on my C drive all 3 of my drives are accessed. It seems whenever I do anything all my drives become active. I remember in the past having hard drives that did nothing until I accessed them. Is there any way to stop this. I hope I’ve been clear, Thanks.   Dan


how long ago and on what system?

it happens all the time on my XP system. 

Well, my guess, and I don’t know for certain, is something in XP is triggering disk access. Win98 and Win95 were less into doing this sort of thing. This could be some setting related to file system indexing, or caching or something related with memory. Without examining your system in great detail and characterizing when and when it doesn’t happen I couldn’t presume to guess further.

I know on my system it sometimes does this, at odd times or based on what apps I have going. But it does not do it all the time. One of my MyBooks, an older 500GB model from 2006 era stubbornly likes to stay asleep until I explicitly call the drive letter.

When I call a dos menu program for classic gaming, Console Menu 2.1 from 1997, it fires off any disk connected, for no apparent reason.

The best advice is to begin characterizing exactly when and under what conditions this happens and work back from there. For all I know it could be a running process related to a media player!?!? Who’s to say?